Whoa watch out, callin out all you women, better check your path check your route, better yet check yourself/ and every move you make cuz that 17 year old numba 4 flored aboard the factory kawi backed by the PC monster Energy/ is heavily ready to take/ the 2010 Lucas oil WMA/ Title, from rivals like, Fiolek, Patterson, Zastro, Bash and Cruse/ Ready to Mash and Roost, no cruise control/ manually smashin with style and action as usual, you will see that the new improved Sara P-R-I-C-E/ From Canyon Lake Cali/ Fornia, here lemme warn ya, she wil not lose/ Battling for the top spot she got the right tools & the  hot skills/ From tech 8’s to high-heels, don’t be fooled tho/ highly ambitious with the best fuels y0/ Desires got the fire to keep the right wrist in full twist so the dunlap tires bite thick and ride crisp/ With a righteous focused mindset, the proper preparation and the time spent, got her eyes set/ Behind them scott goggles on these obstacles and challenges competed as victories to be completed, defeated by none how she plan to get the job done/ To steal the number 1 plate from Ashley with no mistakes and will not contemplate to use you instead of her brakes/ Ya she can be a punk, punky Brewster, every freckle on her face is a title won, the Winningest amateur woman  won so get usta/ Her being up front now and in the future/ a true player to the game, true to her roots like boots to pegs, even got dudes like “bro you see her legs?”/ her butt patch read “ya I heard what he said”/ Personality so down to earth  like her handlebars get down to earth/Prices smile so Prideful but aint scurd to speak the truth/ motion on dudes prolly get her lappin you on any track you foo/ Now your buddies laugh at you all cuz you got railed by a cute little female whos standing at 5’3 and riding with pig tails/ A true contender, aint afraid to throw an elbow or bend a fenda/ no trouble hittin doubles, triple skyin a pilot aboard this mission captain Randy Lawrence supplying her vision with conductive precision for this  dream livin, given the opportunity and ever since that Honda xr50 she respectively been doin her thing/ A Soilid program on the weekly, day in and day out to show you haters whats shes really all about, seeking/ A true level of professional performance for sponsors like Thor, Mitch/ Kawasaki, A-stars, Leatt Brace, Auto Style Body/ Dunlop, Scott, Renthal, Cti, Twin Air, Maxima, Parts and Everybody backing her understanding that she is handling serious business all on her own measure/ Pressure takin in, and makin it a positive reaction for the weekend on the track and in a groove/ Rippin, shiften, scrubbin, pre-loadin is the mode when she exploding pissed and probably after you, IF then she aint in the lead, gurantee Sara P will do what she gatta do, so tyou better watch out/ This freckle monster is fierce has been for years, honestly thee youngest prodigy since her parents have been taken her to Perris, promise me/ Local or national she got it handled yo!/ Hands on goals, summer x this year maybe with her hands on gold/ to sum it you hear, she wants to be the first female to qualify for a SX main event, wont give up, wont give in/ For all you sexist men SP on a bike you might find impressive but if you find SP off her bike in some summer dresses I bet you’d like the site, yes/ so get this msg- When it comes to Sara Price, she rolls the dice, takes a shot, takes a risk, gives it all shes got, as she is fearless, this is all she knows, moto, flow, victory and gold, always green on #4, want more? Visit sarapricemx.com

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