So much to share what a amazing experience it has been working with Kids Cures! The founder and cancer survivor herself is the most inspiring and motivated woman you will ever meet! while volunteering to pick up trash at the 2009 X-Games Shannon (founder) stopped by a booth that Sara was autograph signing at and gave her a card, a year later and the only person out of the 100’s of people Shannon had handed out her cards to, to help her cause, Sara was the only one who responded saying how great of a cause it was and just wanted to give her blessing! From that email on Sara and Shannon have been on a mission to change brave children’s lives who have battled childhood disease and make there dreams come true while raising money with this non profit charity to make this tuff time in their lives that much easier to make it thru! Please join us as we fight for the young lives that have such a influence on the world we live in!



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